Training "Putting duty of care and anti-corruption (Sapin 2 law) into practice"

Understand and implement the legal obligations of Sapin II and Duty of Care French Laws.



  • Understand the international regulatory context for of the duty of care for parent and subcontracting companies and anti-corruption
  • Understand the issues and learn how to comply with the Duty of Care and Sapin II laws
  • Establish the framework of duty of care and anti-corruption plans
  • Identify and map the risks
  • Establish the basis for an approach to ISO 37001 / ETHIC Intelligence anti-corruption and ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement certifications

Program " FORM'ACTIONS "

  1. Basics and references for Duty of Care and Anti-corruption
  2. In practice : prepare the vigilance plan for SEE (Social, Ethical, Environmental) risks in the Supply Chain
  3.  In practice : compliance with the Sapin II law (anti-corruption section) and certification process


  • Intra-company internal tailor-made program

    • Face to face

    • On line (on demand)

  • Inter-company : consult us

  • Length : 3 days (21 hours)

  • Participants : 12 max. / session

  • Language(s) : French or English

Target Audience

  • Compliance and CSR Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Procurement Management
  • International Development Management
  • Export Sales Administration Management
  • Internal Auditor
  • Legal Expert


  • No prerequisite

Specific Advantages

  • Knowledge evaluation

Commercial Bonus

  • 1 hour free hotline assistance