Training "REACH for non-EU suppliers: challenges for exporting to Europe"

Understand your buyers’ requirements in terms of chemical substances restrictions and how to cooperate for a global European compliance.

Continuing education


  • Understand why and how to cooperate with the buyer to become REACH compliant
  • Identify the different compliance options
  • Take advantage of REACH

"Basics of Supply Chain Management" Program

  1. REACH origins, main principles and objectives
  2. Industrial sectors concerned by REACH
  3. Companies concerned by REACH among the international supply chain
  4. Summary of the regulation and implementation calendar
  5. Legal, and commercial responsabilities of the European buyer and consequences of a non compliance
  6. Industrial, legal and commercial responsibilities of the non E.U supplier and consequences of a non
  7. The statute of « Non E.U supplier » in REACH
  8. Choose and work with an « Only Representative »
  9. Reaction of the European market and its consumers


  • Customized intra-company
    • Face-to-face
    • Distance learning (on request)
  • Inter-company: contact us for more information
  • Duration: 1 day (7 hours)
  • Number of participants: 12 max./session
  • Language(s): English


Target Audience

  • Merchandisers and sales managers
  • Production managers
  • Purchasing managers
  • General managers


  • None


  • Assessment