Training "AEO level 2 : Prepare the Authorized Economic Operator accreditation renewal audit"

Assess the level of the company’s compliance with customs regulations and compliance and security of international flows to prepare AEO renewal.

Continuing education


  • Prepare for Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) renewal or extension to Full AEO

"International Excellence" Program

  1. Summary of the issues associated with AEO and UCC certification
  2. Identify the evolutions within the company since initial authorization
  3. Analysis of internal operations: defects, insufficiencies and risks
  4. Evaluation of the divergences between obligations and recommendations of the initial audit
  5. Review in-house procedures and the incident table
  6. Customs statistics
  7. Prepare for the renewal audit


  • Customized intra-company
    • Face-to-face
    • Distance learning (on request)
  • Inter-company: contact us for more information
    • Duration: 1 day (7 hours)
  • Number of participants: 12 max./session
  • Language(s): French

Target audience

  • Logistics manager
  • Customs department manager
  • AEO project manager


Authorized Economic Operator certification: simplified customs, security/safety or Full




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