International Corruption Risk Mapping

International Corruption Risk Mapping according to international requirements: Sapin 2 Law (France), ISO 37001 Standard, FCPA (USA), Bribery Act (UK)...


  • Meet the risk assessment requirements of all laws, conventions, standards (ISO37001) and international anti-corruption regulations
  • Make an exhaustive review of the different typologies of corruption risks (inherited, shared, competitive, regulatory ...)
  • Identify the activities, departements or processes most exposed to the risk of corruption
  • Calculate objective risks, gross and net / residual operational risks
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your existing corruption prevention management system


  1. Documentation review of Anti-Corruption policies, processes and procedures
  2. Management and Directors interviews
  3. Workshops
    1. "Most exposed positions" identification
    2. Third parties corruption risks assessment (stakeholders, customers / suppliers, specific transactions, controlled entities)
    3. Corruption schemes
  4. Individual interview of employees (sampling)
  5. Calculation of objective risks, operational risks, gross and net / residual theoretical
  6. Evaluation of the existinsg anticorruption management system
  7. Calculation of actual net / residual operational risks
  8. Drafting of the corruption risk mapping report by process / departement and global consolidation
  9. Presentation to the Executive Committee 

  • This service is mainly intended for managing directors, internal audit and compliance managers.
  • Recommended for ISO 37001 and compliance with all anticorruption laws worldwide.

Our strengths


  • ACTE International is an ISO 37001 certified company
  • Our references and international experience in various sectors
  • Our expertise in international trade and global supply chain management
  • A team of multidisciplinary and multicultural experts working as project groups
  • Operational methodology based on workshops and immediate appropriation by employees
  • Risk evaluation and mapping tools validated during our own ISO37001 certification process 
  • Proven and long lasting training skills, supported by our accredited professional training centre.
  • customized scale of your prevention plan
  • Our services are available in Europe and abroad (including Maghreb/Africa)