Decrypting international trade regulations

I want to take advantage of international trade regulations - customs, transport, taxation, sustainable development, etc - and anticipate opportunities in new markets.

Over 50% of our turnover is generated by export within the EU and/or to non-European countries.

The regulatory context and international trade regulations are complex. What’s more, they are influenced by major geopolitical issues which are beyond our control.

That said, the context is also rich with business opportunities for development which we intend to exploit.

  • Is there a global regulatory intelligence tool to warn us of new constraints and opportunities for international trade?
  • How can I anticipate whether a new customs agreement, a CSR law, or the evolution of transport costs will have an impact on us?
  • Do you need to be an expert to decrypt new techniques and regulations for international supply chains?

Global Supply Chain Management expert

Expert's answer

Our experts draft and distribute a private newsletter featuring the results of technical and regulatory intelligence which cover the most important themes for the international trade sector: transport, customs, taxation, CSR, consumer protection, trade agreements, export market access, sourcing opportunities, etc.

'Atmosphère Internationale' is a value-added tool for all participants in the supply chain sector: sourcing managers, buyers, logistics managers, import/export agents, sales administration departments, compliance managers and regulation experts, etc.

We also provide on-line resources and monitoring tools for strategic information for international trade operators: anti-dumping duties, the monthly euro exchange rate for customs operations, REACH updates, etc.

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