Explaining REACH to my non-European suppliers

I want to guarantee the chemical composition of the products I source outside the EU, and ensure my non-European subcontractors and suppliers are aware of the regulation.

I source articles in India and China, and I ask my suppliers for REACH certificates to meet my customers’ expectations.

I'm not a chemist. I don’t know anything about the dangerous substances (SVHC) listed on the European CHemicals Agency (ECHA) Website.

I don’t know if the documents are reliable or valid in the event of an European import control for chemical substances

  • Do REACH regulation exist anywhere else in the world?
  • How can I explain REACH regulation to my suppliers?
  • What do I need to ask my suppliers in non-EU countries to ensure my products are REACH-compliant and meet my customers’ expectations?

Expert réglementation REACH

Expert's answer

Yes, more and more countries are applying REACH equivalents, or REACH-like standards, but the conditions for implementation are not always at the same level.

With our “REACH in practice” training module, you will learn exactly how to proceed with your suppliers!

We can also provide an awareness campaign about REACH regulations for your suppliers. For example, through a videoconference or webinar, we can explain:

- the EU regulation;

- your requirements for REACH compliance;

- potential risks of co-responsibility and noncompliance.