Export transport: delivering my first order to China

My first order is for delivery to China, and I don’t want my customer to be involved in the logistics.

We have just begun manufacturing an innovative new product.

Our first international customer is Chinese; we met them at a trade show!

They are interested in our product but they want to receive delivery in China without being involved in the logistics.

  • How do I include transport and customs costs in my quote?
  • Do I need to check China import conditions?
  • I don't have any contacts there. Who can organize delivery to my customer once it has arrived at the airport?

International distribution, logistics and transport expert

Expert's answer

You will need our customs expertise beforehand to check China import conditions, particularly in the case of an innovative product which is likely to attract the curiosity of the authorities.

Our logistics department will send you a detailed door-to-door transport quote which you can then use to integrate your costs in your DDP sales price.

As soon as you receive your customer's confirmed order, our team will take care of the international freight forwarding operation and have the goods delivered to the destination by one of the local carriers in our network!