Import / export: optimize and accelerate customs clearance

I want to reduce the timeframe for transit and customs clearance (at port and/or airport) for my imports and/or exports.

All my products - both export and import - are cleared by different forwarding agents.

As a result, I'm obliged to send sets of paperwork, and we are often subjected to customs controls which slow our international supply chain and distribution.

Our customs administration is time-consuming for my teams: matching customs and sales documents with our forwarding agents invoices before approving and sending them to the accounts department.

I would like to optimize my customs costs and improve my cash flow management.

  • Can we handle customs formalities in our own warehouse?
  • Do I have to recruit customs agents to do so?
  • Could changing my customs organization help me manage my working capital better?
Didier LE GRAS

European customs regulations expert

Expert's answer

The ideal solution in your case is a Local Clearance Procedure (LCP) for which all the operations are handled by a single service provider.

As a result, your clearances would be centralized in your warehouse, which would greatly reduce your administrative workload.

By conducting a profitability benchmark of your operations, we will be able to confirm the financial, operational and trade advantages of an LCP for your activity.