AEO accreditation: how and why?

I want to receive authorized economic operator (AEO) accreditation so I can meet the expectations of my international contractors.

My products are attracting more and more orders from abroad and the specifications require traceability, safety and security in the supply chain.

My local customs office speaks highly of the Authorized Economic Operator accreditation but it seems very complex.

  • How can I know whether AEO accreditation is suited to my situation?
  • How do I begin the AEO accreditation procedure when my activity is at its peak?
  • Is it possible to delegate the AEO accreditation procedure to a service provider?
Didier LE GRAS

European customs regulations expert

Expert's answer

AEO accreditation is suited to all companies buying and selling internationally, regardless of their size.

We can carry out an assessment of your logistics and customs scenario which will allow us to quickly identify the advantages and disadvantages of AEO accreditation for you.

We can also run the project for your company in-house, train and assist your teams for the implementation of the necessary procedures, and conduct a pre-audit to verify your overall compliance.