European customs regulations expert

Didier LE GRAS

Customs engineering department manager

Expert & trainer for customs certification and accreditation

Field of expertiseEuropean (EU) customs regulations

Specialized inCentralized customs management
Customs procedures and accreditation
Customs origin & "made in"
Customs classification
Customs value

ActivitiesAudit, expertise, consulting and training


Geographical areasAll French-speaking countries

ProfileTechnical expert

International customs regulations are at the heart of Global Supply Chain Management

Didier Le Gras was trained by the customs authorities via a partnership with the private sector.

After about 20 years as customs agent in France's biggest port, Le Havre, he became manager of a customs department handling import/export for a wide range of products: Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), petrol products, industrial machines and equipment, chemical products, textile materials and products, and other goods.

At ACTE International, Didier Le Gras has developed an operational customs department for Local Clearance Procedures (LCP), and he managed Full Authorized Economic Operator certification programs as early as 2009.

Armed with this experience and the confidence invested in him by the administration, his audit and consulting assignments have helped ACTE clients obtain key accreditations and certification to optimize their customs costs and secure their international supply chain.

A recognized customs expert for several organizations, Didier Le Gras can explain the most complex customs regulations in a practical context.

Didier Le Gras is a key link in the relation between companies and the customs authorities, able to maintain and respect both parties' interests.

Didier LE GRAS news

EURO (€) : taux de change mensuel pour les opérations en douane

Outil de surveillance

Mai - Juin 2022 : planifiez vos dédouanements import en fonction du cours de l'euro... et faites des économies de droits de douane !

May 2022

Douane UE : comment bien compléter la Déclaration d'Origine Fournisseur ?


Justificatif de l'origine préférentielle communautaire, la Déclaration d'Origine Fournisseur (DOF) doit être correctement remplie pour être recevable en cas de contrôle des douanes.

May 2022

Douane UE : vers une suspension des droits de douane sur les importations ukrainiennes


Bruxelles propose de suspendre les droits de douane sur les produits ukrainiens importés dans l’UE.

May 2022

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of The Intrastat Declaration

Training 1 j. (Voiron - FR)

Manage VAT of intra-Community flows and establish the Intrastat Declaration in compliance with taxation requirements.

From 28 June 2022 to 29 June 2022

Les fondamentaux douaniers

Formation "BOOSTER" 100% à distance - 7h

Comprendre les enjeux d’une bonne déclaration en douane et maîtriser ses 3 fondamentaux : espèce tarifaire, origine déclarative et valeur en douane.

From 23 May 2022 to 24 May 2022

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Didier LE GRAS

International customs regulations are at the heart of Global Supply Chain Management

ACTE International helped us to lay out the scheme, to choose the customs nomenclature, provided us with a document flow service, dimensioned the VAT and guided us in choosing the right incoterms, ports and means of transport. logistics flows.