REACH: how to guarantee SVHC-free products for my customers?

I want to reassure my customers, and take advantage of the competitive edge of having products which don’t contain substances of very high concern (SVHC-Free).

I design, manufacture and distribute products for consumers.

Competition is tough, but we have made important inroads to ban substances of high-concern in our products.

This is not the case for our competitors.

  • Can we use a “REACH compliant” label?
  • How can we guarantee that our products are SVHC-free?
  • How to make sure that my REACH compliance procedure is sustainable in the long term whatever changes occur in the regulation? 

Expert réglementation REACH

Expert's answer

Due to the fact that the list of SVHC changes constantly, you may not use a “REACH compliant” label on your products.

However, by carrying out an assessment of your risks, we can identify the products to be monitored so you can label your products “SVHC-free”.

Our regulatory intelligence newsletter alerts you of future amendments in advance.

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