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European REACH Regulation

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EU regulation for chemical substances: international industrial monitoring and consumer protection.

The European REACH* regulation for chemical substances applies to all manufacturers, importers, distributors and downstream users of preparations and articles, who must inform the ECHA** and their own customers and distributors of the presence of SVHC*** in their products.

Since 2007, ACTE International has been actively involved in assisting importers and training their international suppliers about the legal obligations imposed by REACH regulations.

Such action requires being fully conversant with the regulations, having a perfect understanding of the multiple industrial transformation and supply processes, and being able to translate the regulations into commercial and industrial practices.

* REACH: Registration, Evaluation, Authorization of CHemical substances

** ECHA: European CHemicals Agency

*** SVHC: Substances of Very High Concern

Our fields of excellence:

  • Decipher REACH regulation for non-European importers and suppliers
  • Technical recommendations for European and international procurement and sales teams
  • REACH compliance assessment: risks and impacts on the international supply chain
  • REACH / SVHC regulatory intelligence and international practices
Pragmatic and didactic are the two words that summarize the intervention of ACTE International.
For our REACH / ROHS approach, we appreciated the simplicity in which the subject was addressed, despite the high level of expertise.

The European REACH regulation on chemicals will eventually concern all importers / distributors of articles!