Corruption risk management: is my company exposed to corruption?

Bribery, subornation, influence peddling, etc. How can I identify if, and why, my company is exposed to corruption risks?

I manufacture products in France, and we are developing numerous export markets: USA, Middle East, Europe and Asia.

We have many international partners: distributors, agents, intermediaries, and contacts made at trade shows.

I share the same ethical values with my staff, and I know my international network very well.

Why is my company exposed to corruption risks?

Do the Sapin II and Duty of Care laws apply to my company?

How can I identify the corruption risks in my supply chain?


Expert en Prévention de la Corruption à l'international

Expert's answer

We can map your corruption risks so you can assess, in a very pragmatic way:

- your company's exposure to corruption risks throughout all your activities;

- the effectiveness of your anti-corruption procedures, if applicable.

This will help you reinforce your international presence without risking legal action or conviction for passive or active corruption in one of your sourcing countries and/or export markets.