international csr and anticorruption
International CSR

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Latest CSR assignments:

Morocco, China, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Turkey


Vigilance and due diligence in international trade.

Our DNA is steeped in international social responsibility; we apply ethical values, a commitment to anti-corruption, and respect for legal and regulatory compliance throughout our international ecosystem.

As a result of our own action within our company's ecosystem, we can provide pragmatic advice to:

  • guarantee your compliance with international social and environmental regulations;
  • improve the sustainability of your company with a commitment to social responsibility;
  • provide ethical criteria for new supplier approval procedures;
  • provide an ethical and responsible basis for your distributor contracts;
  • establish CSR* performance KPIs to measure and record progress for your yearly sustainable development report;
  • facilitate the process for acquiring and renewing CSR* certification.

CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility

Our fields of excellence:

  • Expertise and consulting for the creation and implementation of your CSR policy both locally and internationally.
  • Social, environmental, construction safety, and anti-corruption audit
  • Assessment and mapping CSR and corruption risks in the international supply chain
  • ETHIC Intelligence validation and certification of anti-corruption programs and systems

Through its Moroccan subsidiary, ACTE International assists major groups and institutions in the creation and deployment of corruption prevention systems on the African continent (Maghreb and sub-Saharan Africa).

Based on our experience in Asia and in line with national and international standards, we carry out missions of risk mapping, training of employees and support to certification (ISO 37001, ETHIC Intelligence, ...) in coherence with the environment of the structure.

A company needs specialist advice to control problems outside its know-how, and through its expertise in the different supply chain businesses, ACTE International is a real partner of the company.