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Evaluation of REACH compliance
Evaluation of the risks and creation of a REACH compliance plan.
European REACH Regulation Consulting
Outsource REACH compliance (non-EU suppliers)
Outsource awareness raising, training and management of your international non-EU suppliers for REACH compliance conformity
European REACH Regulation Management
REACH chemicals regulation hotline
Technical, regulatory and operational assistance for meeting compliance with REACH regulations in your supply chain in France, Europe and internationally.
European REACH Regulation Assistance
Supply chain intelligence: REACH regulation & consumer protection
Atmosphère Internationale: ACTE International’s "e-monitoring" service is the link between regulation theory and operational practical application of REACH regulations.
European REACH Regulation Consulting
Training "REACH for non-EU suppliers: challenges for exporting to Europe"
Understand your buyers’ requirements in terms of chemical substances restrictions and how to cooperate for a global European compliance.
European REACH Regulation Training Datadock 0029009
Training "REACH in practice for importers / exporters"
Identify products and sectors subject to REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization of Chemical Substances) and meet compliance requirements.
European REACH Regulation Training Datadock 0029009