International distribution, logistics and transport expert


General Manager
ACTE International France

Expert-trainer in
International Trade

Field of expertiseGlobal Supply Chain Management

Specialized inInternational trade techniques and regulations, cross trade

ActivitiesAudit, expertise, consulting and training

LanguagesTrilingual French, English & Italian

Geographical areasUSA, Europe & Asia

ProfileGeneral management and technical expert

Global Supply Chain Management - excellence in international trade!

Her masters in applied foreign languages for international trade was a straight line to her passion for an international environment.

Operational manager in constant contact with concrete practices, Diana Cammarano combines technical expertise with project management skills.

With over 20 years of experience working actively at the heart of the multiple developments in international trade, Diana optimizes and secures her clients' international supply chains.

A recognized expert in cross trade, she audits, trains and advises clients on higher performance and regulatory compliance.

Open to other cultures, Diana Cammarano can work on all continents, but mainly works on assignments in the USA and Asian markets.

Diana CAMMARANO news

Transport maritime : l'état préoccupant du Canal de Panama et des routes maritimes mondiales


Le Canal de Panama, un axe névralgique du commerce international reliant l'Atlantique au Pacifique, est aux prises avec des défis sans précédent. Une sécheresse prolongée et les effets du changement climatique ont des conséquences majeures sur les opérations maritimes mondiales.

September 2023

Transport aérien : l’Inde décolle vers le troisième rang mondial


Depuis le début de l’année, les compagnies aériennes indiennes multiplient les grosses commandes d’avions. Le centre de gravité de l’aviation mondiale est-il en train de se déplacer en Asie ?

June 2023

Cross Trade en pratique

Formation en présentiel - 11h

Understand and use “International Commercial Terms” in all your international orders and contracts.

From 05 December 2023 to 06 December 2023

Les Incoterms® 2020 en pratique

Formation "BOOSTER" 100% à distance - 7h

Understand and use “International Commercial Terms” in all your international orders and contracts.

From 29 November 2023 to 30 November 2023

Organiser et gérer un transport international

Formation "BOOSTER" 100% à distance - 7h

De l’organisation au pilotage des flux logistiques internationaux, maîtriser les différentes étapes d’un transport international.

From 07 November 2023 to 08 November 2023

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Global Supply Chain Management - excellence in international trade!

FDG Group
ACTE International's strong expertise and high quality training are essential assets for SMEs in their need to progress in an increasingly complex regulatory and international environment.
ACTE International helped us to lay out the scheme, to choose the customs nomenclature, provided us with a document flow service, dimensioned the VAT and guided us in choosing the right incoterms, ports and means of transport. logistics flows.
As professionals and experts in their field of activity, ACTE International's team has a strong capacity to listen and understand problems, and provide the most appropriate solutions to the specific needs of their clients.