Copy of Cross trade: manufacturing products in North Africa for delivery to Asia

I want to reduce transport costs and delays by delivering my products from a factory in another country to a customer in yet another country.

I need to reduce my transport costs to assure competitive prices.

I’m based in France and I want to deliver my Asian customer directly from the assembly site in Morocco.

I want my industrial process to remain confidential, so I don’t want the name of my Moroccan subcontractor divulged to my end customer.

What’s more, I want to reduce lead times which would give me a competitive edge in the market.

  • How can I assess the advantages of direct delivery?
  • Is my regular  freight forwarder  the best choice for organizing cross trade?

     the best choice for organizing cross trade?
  • How do I explain the triangular sales process to my sales teams?

International distribution, logistics and transport expert

Expert's answer

You can’t handle cross-trade as an amateur, and direct delivery requires specific operational skills.

The logistics scenario created by ACTE International experts allows you to assess the risks and opportunities in complex triangular operations, and to provide your team with a detailed process.

Our experienced operational team, bolstered by an international network of partners, is expert in cross-trade distribution.