global supply chain
Global Supply Chain


€3 343,4 billion

in trade

(EU28 / Non-EU countries 2017)



Full accreditations

(EU28 - Oct. 2017)



Regional Trade Agreements

(applicable Oct. 2017)


Strategic, regulatory and operational monitoring of international supply chains.

An integrated and cross-disciplinary approach to international trade!

Your company's international performance depends on the cohesion, resistance and resilience of every link in your supply chain.

Each industry has its own codes and regulations, but the global supply chain manager has a cross-disciplinary vision. Like an orchestra conductor, they interpret the management's strategic score and define the overall tempo.

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Designer and provider of responsible global solutions, ACTE oils the machine to guarantee the sustainability, optimization and security of your whole supply chain.

  • Price is not the only criteria for assessing the quality of a sourcing.
  • The costs associated with ethical risks and import conditions can either present a hazard or improve your company's margin.
  • Optimized transport costs may slow down or accelerate the time to market.
  • A new international customs agreement can boost your export activity...or your competitors'.
  • Respecting chemical substance restrictions attracts new customers if product quality is conserved.

ACTE International, Global Supply Chain management consultants, guarantees your international operations flow smoothly in an increasingly complex environment.

Our fields of excellence:

  • Evaluation audit to estimate the company's overall potential and capacity for international development
  • International strategic intelligence, regulations and jurisprudence
  • Certifying training courses: 'Global Supply Chain Manager'
  • Training course 'International Trade Compliance Manager'

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Managing the international supply chain and distribution is like playing a game of chess on a global scale.

Groupe ROYER
Une entreprise a besoin de conseils de spécialistes pour contrôler des problématiques hors de son savoir-faire. Par son expertise dans les différents métiers de la supply chain, ACTE International se place en réel partenaire de l’entreprise.
Groupe FDG
L'expertise forte et la qualité de la pédagogie d'ACTE International sont des atouts essentiels pour des PME dans leur nécessité de progresser dans un environnement réglementaire et international de plus en plus complexe.
Professionnels et experts sur leur domaine d’activité, les femmes et les hommes d'ACTE International ont une grande capacité d'écoute et de compréhension des problèmes, et apportent les solutions les plus adaptées aux spécificités de leurs clients.