customs regulations and tax engineering
International Customs & Tax Engineering

3rd trimester 2017


of savings in customs duties for our clients


customs classifications done by our customs experts


Customs excellence for an optimized, secure and fluid international supply chain!

ACTE International's mission is to select the best customs and taxation options to optimize your international activity in complete compliance with current regulations!

As a Full AEO customs agent, we offer a clever mix of technical innovation and security regulations to both first-time exporters and seasoned multinationals.

Forerunners in international customs expertise, we constantly enlarge our horizons to meet the needs of companies confronting customs and international taxation trade regulations.

We guarantee an optimized monitoring of your import/export operations, and at the right cost!

Our fields of excellence:

  • International customs coaching
  • Operational customs centralization and subcontracting LCP/SCP
  • Customs expertise and consulting for European operators (import/export)
  • Regulations and customs engineering in supply and distribution countries

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Didier LE GRAS

International customs regulations are at the heart of Global Supply Chain Management

Zakarya MAZID

When piloted proactively, the customs link in the supply chain becomes an asset of international competitiveness!

ACTE International nous a aidés à poser le schéma, à choisir la nomenclature douanière, nous a fourni une prestation de flux documentaires, a dimensionné la TVA et nous a guidés dans le choix des bons incoterms, des ports et des moyens de transport en matière de flux logistiques.
Les atouts d’ACTE International sont sans hésitation : réactivité, professionnalisme, proximité.
Grâce à ACTE International, nous nous concentrons sur nos produits et laissons à des professionnels la gestion de nos opérations à l'international.