International freight forwarder
International Transport, Logistics & Distribution

In 2017

€41.5 million

of goods transported

from or to

ports / airports

around the world


ACTE International has been organizing and managing international distribution from A to Z since 1995!

Our operational experience is constantly enriched by working closely with other european and international companies for the development of their international tailored logistics scenarios, providing us with high flexibility and technical expertise

We share our worldwide freight forwarding expertise with our clients, thanks to our auditing, consulting, technical assistance and training services.

Our fields of excellence:

  • Engineering and managing cross trade operations
  • Subcontracting export sales administration
  • Operating complex import/export logistics
  • Coordinating and optimizing global supply chains


Global Supply Chain Management - excellence in international trade!

FDG Group
ACTE International's strong expertise and high quality training are essential assets for SMEs in their need to progress in an increasingly complex regulatory and international environment.
ACTE International helped us to lay out the scheme, to choose the customs nomenclature, provided us with a document flow service, dimensioned the VAT and guided us in choosing the right incoterms, ports and means of transport. logistics flows.
As professionals and experts in their field of activity, ACTE International's team has a strong capacity to listen and understand problems, and provide the most appropriate solutions to the specific needs of their clients.