Journée Internationale de Lutte contre la Corruption : passons à l'acte !


December 2020

Journée Internationale de Lutte contre la Corruption

Si la lutte contre la corruption n'est pas le fait d'un seul jour, ce mercredi 9 décembre, Journée Internationale de Lutte Contre la Corruption, est l'occasion d'une action individuelle spéciale pour un effet global partagé.

Personally committed, or  to comply with any legal obligation (FCPA, UKBA, Loi Sapin 2…) or international standards such as ISO37001, it is an opportunity to communicate and fight against corruption also today!

What about picking among below 7 potential actions :

  1. Take some time with your team and discuss on the companies exposure to corruption risk, and brainstorm on how to resist (the occasion to refresh minds on anticorruption policy, Gifts & invitation policy)
  2. Follow a web seminar together and discuss about risk key factors
  3. Launch today the renewal of your partners’ Due Diligence
  4. Propose a workshop on why a specific job is highly exposed to corruption
  5. Attach an Anti-corruption message in all your mails and internal/external communication
  6. Put anticorruption on the agenda of all your meetings today
  7. Launch a new action to promote exemplarity among management


December 9th, all united against coruption !

At ACTE International, we have :

  • Recorded a web seminar on “Corruption Risks Among the Supply Chain” for our operational teams handling customs & logistics.
  • Organized a 1 hour meeting with all our staff to present the 2020 version of our Anticorruption Code (as per our ISO37001 Certification requirements).
  • Decided to share with our team corruption situations and examples we faced or discovered during our assignments worldwide, to show how easy it is to be caught in a corruption situation if not aware.
  • Asked all our staff to sign a Letter of Engagement to comply with our Anticorruption Code.
  • Planned an awareness campaign for all staff by viewing the web seminar recorded by the CEO Group to explain our Anticorruption Code.