COVID-19 : ACTE International, all our services are available !


March 2020

Thanks to our digital transformation started 3 years ago, all our services continue, and our team is on board!
Take full advantage of this period to prepare the future !

ACTE International is operational for the coming period:

Thanks to our young team who engaged us 3 years ago in the digital transformation of the company. Thanks also, to the banks and financial organizations for believing in our projects, and supporting our  investments.

ACTE International is able to continue its supply chain management activities:

Thanks to our operational team, and to all of our partners around the world, particularly in China, who have been able to ensure the continuity of our operations since the beginning of the year.

ACTE International maintains its training with a 100% on-line program:

Thanks to our sales team and to the manager of our professional training department, who has designed training modules, e-learning, blended learning and webinars on all aspects of our business. All are available now for all our customers.

ACTE International is ready to start working on the strategic reorganization of your international supply chain:

Thanks to our experts and our team of technical assistants in responsible and sustainable international trade!

ACTE International is a reliable and lasting partner:

We owe it to the government who gives full support in this difficult period.

Last but not least, thanks to us, the two Genereral Managers entrepreneures : for 25 years, we have built the resilience of the company on our determination, pugnacity, and agility.

ACTE International teamMore then ever you can rely on ACTE International to take the world easy !



Source : ACTE International