"Gap Analysis": prevention of international corruption as per Sapin 2 French Law

Quick overview of the compliance level of your anticorruption policy with the French Law Sapin 2 requirements


  • Compare at a glance your anticorruption policy and the requirements of the French Sapin 2 Law 
  • Evaluate the ability of your company/organization to comply with the Law
  • Challenge your compliance, legal and internal audit department


  • Gap analysis: questions / answers on the French all chapters of the the French Sapin 2 Law and AFA guidelines (Agence Française Anti-Corruption)
  • Calculate the gap betwen your anticorruption policy and the French Sapin 2 Law requirements
  • Draft your action plan and prioritorize your anti-corruption actions to comply with the French Sapin 2 Law

This service is intended primarily for the general management, shareholders and governance bodies.

Recommended for compliance with the French Sapin 2 Law

Our strengths

  • ACTE International is an ISO 37001 certified company
  • Our references and international experience in various sectors
  • Our expertise in international trade and global supply chain management
  • A team of multidisciplinary and multicultural experts working as project groups
  • Operational methodology based on workshops and immediate appropriation by employees
  • Risk evaluation and mapping tools validated during our own ISO37001 certification process 
  • Proven and long lasting training skills, supported by our accredited professional training centre.
  • customized scale of your prevention plan
  • Our services are available in Europe and abroad (including Maghreb and Africa)