Corruption risk assessment of an international supply chain

Focus on the risks of corruption in the international supply chain


  • Identify, locate and assess corruption risks in the international supply chain
  • Create or adapt anti-corruption mechanisms and policies
  • Reduce the risk of corruption from sourcing to international distribution (customer delivery)


  1. Inventory of existing contracts / business relationships with suppliers, subcontractors, as well as direct and indirect supply chain partners
  2. Identification of all supply chain links 
  3. Country risk assessment
  4. Comprehensive review of different types of corruption risks (inherited, shared, competitive, regulatory, etc.)
  5. Assessment of the corruption rsik of the multiple parts of the supply chain
  6. Identification of supply chain specific corruption patterns
  7. Integration of the supply chain corruption risks into the global corruption risk mapping of the company
  8. Adaptation of the corruption prevention plan to the supply chain specific risks 

  • This service is aimed primarily at supply chain managers.
  • Recommended for ISO 37001 anti-corruption certification and French Sapin 2 Law compliance.

Our strengths


  • ACTE International is an ISO 37001 certified company
  • Our references and international experience in various sectors
  • Our expertise in international trade and global supply chain management
  • A team of multidisciplinary and multicultural experts working as project groupsOperational methodology based on workshops and immediate appropriation by employees
  • Risk evaluation and mapping tools validated during our own ISO37001 certification process 
  • Proven and long lasting training skills, supported by our accredited professional training centre.
  • customized scale of your prevention plan
  • Our services are available in Europe and abroad (including Maghreb/Africa)