Prevention of corruption: ACTE International, first French SME ISO 37001 certified!


September 2019

ACTE International ISO 37001

On August 19th 2019, ACTE International was ISO 37001 certified.
The audit was done by ETHIC Intelligence under process for ANAB accreditation (ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board).

ACTE International is the first SME servicing company in Global Supply Chain Management to be ISO37001 certified worldwide !

Although ACTE International had no other ISO certification, its agrements and accreditations required for its operationnal and expertise activities, were a major advantage when creating and implementing the anticorruption management system

Anticorruption is one of its main asset to win new customers and partners willing to expand their businesses worldwide while benefiting of ACTE Internationals' experience and know how, but never giving up their commitments in integrity!


The certification is an opportunity to reenforce the involvement of ACTE Internationals' shareholders, managers and employees in corruption prevention launched in 2014. At that time, Philippe MONTIGNY (founder and current President of ETHIC Intelligence Certification Comittee) trained all of our employees on corruption risks. Once our anticorruption policy and tools implemented, ACTE International was rewarded with ETHIC Intelligence Validation

Ethics and Integrity are in ACTE Internationals' DNA  since its origins (1995), and pillars of a strong and innovating CSR strategy. Implementing an Anticorruption Management System has highly enhanced the efficiency of our prevention policy.


Source : ACTE International

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