International CSR & Corruption Prevention
Training Datadock 0029009

Training "Corruption Risks in Practice: Directorates and Governance Bodies"

Know and understand the different risks and types of corruption for the company, and prepare the risk mapping!

Continuing education


  • Understand the different types and risks of corruption
  • Know the trends of the fight against corruption in the world
  • Know the criminal and financial consequences (personal, professional and for the company ) of an act of corruption
  • Master the concepts of "exposed function", "commercial partner", and "corruption schemes"


  1. What is an act of corruption?
  2. The different types of corruption risks
  3. Why and when am I exposed to corruption risks?
  4. Conclusion: Consequences of an act of corruption
  5. Workshops


  • Customized intra-company
    • Face-to-face
    • Distance learning (on request)
  • Inter-company: contact us for more information
  • Number of participants: 12 max./session
  • Duration: 1 day (7 hours)
  • Language(s): French

Target audience

  • Governance Bodies
  • Directorates
  • Project Manager
  • Key collaborators


  • None


  • Post-training corruption risks diagnosis
  • Animation and practical exercises
  • Document templates
  • Assessment tools
  • Knowledge assessment
  • Training certificate