CSR questionnaire - Social, Ethical & Environmental Conformity

Guide to answering your clients’ CSR questionnaire


Your clients’ CSR requirements and reference criteria take various forms: questionnaires to be completed, codes of conduct to be signed, and the evaluation of the level of ethical, social and environmental risks in your management system and supply chain. This is sometimes the first step before they mandate their internal or third-party auditors to control the effectiveness of your system on site.


  • Meet the demands/specifications of your French and international clients for CSR and corruption prevention
  • Demonstrate that you master ethical, social and environmental risks in your sphere of influence and responsibility
  • Ensure the efficiency of your systems for traceability, transparency and information in your supply chain


Our comprehensive programme can be adapted to the size of the company and covers:
  1. Analysis of customer requirements 
  2. Mapping the business model and flows, risk analysis
  3. Document review of existing processes/procedures
  4. Preparation of a  summary memo with recommendations
Other options: 
  1. Training (face-to-face/distance learning) for employees
  2. Assistance with the creation/modification of policies and general, operational and contractual reference procedures/documents
  3. Advice on the choice of performance and continued improvement indicators
  4. Assistance with external communication and choice of collective labels/initiatives
 Average period for application by the company: 1-2 months

Our strengths

  • ACTE International has had the ETHIC Intelligence certification since 2014 (certification renewed in 2018).
  • Many references and our international experience in diverse sectors
  • Expertise in international trade and global supply chain management.
  • A team of multidisciplinary experts
  • Benchmark and risk mapping tools  
  • Proven training expertise
  • A personalized approach to a suitable CSR plan
  • Activities possible in our head office in France and/or in our international branches.