International CSR & Corruption Prevention

ISO 37001 programme: Preventing International Corruption

Prepare for ISO 37001 certification (anti-corruption management system).


The ISO 37001 standard has been the world reference for corruption prevention since the beginning of 2017.

It addresses companies and organizations wanting to build a genuine anti-corruption management system (ACMS) in compliance with the multiple laws, regulations and international conventions: FCPA (United States), UK Bribery Act (United Kingdom), OECD Conventions, Sapin II law (France) etc.

Using this standard, organizations can structure their commitment to corruption prevention and evaluate its effectiveness with certification auditsthe ISO 37001 is the first corruption prevention measure.


  • Meet your international customers’ CSR requirements
  • Improve your competitiveness for international calls for tender
  • Step-by-step preparation of your ISO 37001 certification
  • A team of multidisciplinary experts help you to map risks and create your own  Anti-Corruption Management System (ACMS)
  • Be sure to pass the ISO 37001 certification audit without any major nonconformities


Our complete ISO 37001 certification preparation programme:
  1. Organize an executive committee to raise awareness amongst management teams
  2. Project team training and practical understanding of the ISO 37001 standard
  3. Guide/assist the internal project team
  4. ISO 37001 benchmark exercise with operational managers
  5. Document review of existing processes/procedures for anti-corruption/ethics/deontology
  6. Employee and third-party interviews to evaluate how existing measures are implemented
  7. Corruption risk mapping for each manager/business unit and global entity
  8. Calculate the objective and operational risks: gross, real and theoretical residual risks
  9. Workshops for identifying exposed trade partners and roles
  10. Assistance with achieving conformity for Anti-Corruption Management System (ACMS) procedures and documents
  11. Advice for the deployment/communication of internal and external anti-corruption measures
  12. Assistance with creating corruption schemas and evaluating control systems
  13. Assistance in choosing indicators for performance and continued improvement
  14. Conception/organization of a special training programme for exposed employees
  15. Creation/distribution of e-learning tools for raising general awareness
  16. Management of the progress and effectiveness of the  training plan (LMS platform)
  17. Mock ISO 37001 audit
  18. Assist or organize the deployment in branches/entities abroad
Duration of application by the company: 6 to 12 months

Our strengths

  • ACTE International has had the ETHIC Intelligence certification since 2014.
  • Many references and our international experience in diverse sectors
  • Expertise in international trade and global supply chain management.
  • A team of multidisciplinary and multicultural experts who can work with you on projects
  • Operational methodology based on workshops and immediate appropriation by employees
  • Evaluation tools developed internally: benchmark, mapping, risk calculation (gross/residual), identify exposed positions/partners
  • Proven training skills, supported by our accredited professional training centre.
  • A personalized approach to a suitable prevention plan, and optimal competency in operational corruption risk systems.
  • Activities possible in our head office in France and/or in our international branches.