Training (Morocco) "Customs Special Procedures"

Choose and implement customs special procedures that suit your needs and optimize your costs.

Continuing education


  • Optimize your customs duty payments
  • Choose the  best customs special procedure for your operation
  • Manage your special procedures on a daily basis

"Basics of Supply Chain Management" Programme

  1. Introduction to Customs Special Procedures
  2. The four Customs Special Procedures functions
  3. The main customs special procedures
  4. Sales - Temporary admission for inward processing (ATPA)



Target audience


  • Purchasing/Imports Managers
  • Import/Export Sales Managers
  • Customs department managers
  • Experienced customs agents
  • Finance and administration managers



  • Master customs classification techniques, determine origin and calculate customs duties
  • Manage import/export customs operations internally or outsourced


  • Assessment
  • Numerous case studies
  • Exercises
  • Training certificate