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International social, ethical and environmental responsibility has been in the DNA of ACTE International group since its foundation.

Journée mondiale anti corruption : 9 décembre 2017

A strong commitment to fundamental ethical values!

ACTE International made a binding commitment to strong ethical values and citizenship over 20 years ago. 

Anne LE ROLLAND, Founder-CEO ACTE International Group, is a responsible and committed company owner - her desire to associate her company, international trade and ethical values has forged an original enterprise...

Although fully integrated into the classic business model subject to profit rules, our company militates for sustainability to take precedence over financial ambitions. Therefore, the indicators of management and success of the company are very different because they are part of a long duration, far from the impatience of the consumer, the citizen, the states and finance!

Thus, sustainability is part of the strategic orientations, including investments, choice of associates and collaborators as well as suppliers, French and foreign partners and the entire ecosystem of the company.


The ACTE International Group, which since 2002 has been involved in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), believes that a reliable anticorruption code is a key tool for sustainable economic development.

The values of integrity, honesty and fair competition must remain at the core of ACTE International's commitment and support its future successes.


This code of conduct constitutes the cornerstone of our ISO 37001: 2016 certified Anti-Corruption Management System (ACMS / ABMS) in July 2019 by ETHIC Intelligence under ANAB accreditation (cf. Prevention of corruption: ACTE International, first French SME ISO 37001 certified!).



Anti-corruption compliance system certification by ETHIC IntelligenceACTE International's anti-corruption prevention management system was certified by ETHIC Intelligence in November 2017 (see our accreditations & certifications).

Our company is the first service company in the Supply Chain Management sector to obtain this certification.

LOG'ETHIC charter

ACTE International is a service company specialized in securing its clients' global supply chain and international distribution. Its core business is the organization and coordination of international goods distribution.

The LOG'ETHIQUE charter aims to guarantee that ACTE International staff, network, partners and subcontractors respect its "Eco-friendly & Ethical Logistics" policy.

This charter informs the clients, authorities, business and social contacts of the values and procedures applied in its operations worldwide.



logo GLOBAL COMPACTWe promote International Corporate Social, Ethics and Environmental Responsibility since 2002, ACTE International is member of the Global Compact of the United Nations and is committed to implementing within its company, as well as in its network of international influence and with its clients, an ethical business based on 3 main principles: fairness, transparency and respect for commitments.

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Mécanisme d’Ajustement Carbone aux Frontières (MACF) Présentiel Voiron & Paris | Distanciel
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