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2016 turnover:

€3,4 million




Morocco (since 2016)


over 80 countries

Head office:

Voiron (France)

ACTE International Group

In 1995, Anne LE ROLLAND founded ACTE International, a leading French company in Global Supply Chain Management. A success story based on a global and transversal approach to international trade issues, and strong values of ethics and commitment.

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Passionate about the international, we have continued to evolve the business from "simple forwarder" moving parcels, towards the management of responsible supply chains.

The business of ACTE International has made perfect sense over the past twenty-two years since its creation. Originally a key idea: international trade is a powerful vector of economic development for all countries, provided that it is not practiced under any conditions.

We have chosen to create and develop a company whose core mission is to contribute to economic development while shaping international business practices: our values and commitments clearly reflect this approach.

What are ACTE International's objectives?

Simplify the world to our customers by offering them access to international excellence through our global solutions!
  • Working equally well with start-ups, first-time exporters, SMEs, or experienced multinationals in global markets, thanks to a set of high value-added services.
  • Put our experience, expertise and skills at the service of companies that increase their profitability, and therefore sustainability through the performance and efficiency of ACTE International services.
  • To guide companies in the meanders of international trade, to enable them to avoid pitfalls, to ensure the respect of their values and commitments throughout their global supply chain.

Companies do not work with ACTE International by chance ...

Technical agility, regulatory intelligence, smart operation monitoring and CSR commitment are our key assets to strive for excellence!

What are the ambitions of ACTE International?

We have a dual ambition for the next 20 years:
  • Being the supply chain booster of our customers
  • Become a world reference in international trade techniques for regulatory, logistical, customs, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) as well as integrity and business ethics aspects.

 Solid on our European bases, active for more than 20 years in all Asian countries and North America, and newly established on the African continent through our subsidiary in Morocco, we have all the cards in hand to drive our ambitious international strategy!



The beginning

Creation of MODSYS SA and beginning of the activity on   September 20, 1995 in the French municipality of l'Isle d'Abeau, in the department of Isère.

  • Activity: organizer of international transportation and customs agent.
  • Specialty: fashion/clothing imported from Asia (95% of turnover)


Going international!

Creation of MODSYS Thailand and extension of partner networks to Eastern and Southern Asia and Bengal.

Launch of the customs engineering activity and establishment of a MOD'PASS department dedicated to collections flows.


Consolidation and development of the range of services

  • Creation and marketing of MODSYS-Solutions services: helpline, technical training, auditing, consulting, information forums, etc.
  • Launch of the "Atmod'Sphère®" newsletter (now called "Atmosphère Internationale").


Creation of social audit subsidiaries

Creation of social audit subsidiaries (WethicA SRL – Brussels and WethicA Hong Kong) and development of social audit, consulting and training services in Europe, Asia and Latin America.


Creation of ACTE International SAS

  • Workforce: 12 technicians and experts employed at head office, several international experts dispatched throughout the world, and teams of social auditors in Asia
  • Extension of activity to the industrial, medical, aeronautical and automobile sectors
  • Purchase of premises and move to Parc d'Activité de Champfeuillet (Champfeuillet Business Park) in Voiron, France
  • Growth of the international network of offices and agents to more than 60 countries.


18 years - the coming of age!

ACTE International has reached the age of maturity in all their lines of business:

  • An internationally recognized forwarding and customs agent
  • A certified professional training body
  • An audit and consultancy firm with international expertise


Celebrating 20 years of international activity!

ACTE International celebrates their 20th anniversary on Friday September 25, 2015 [ watch the video ].

  • Creation of the holding company AD & Associés in December 2015 by the original partners (capital stock: €1,645,500)
  • AD & Associés acquires shares in ACTE International France (December 2015).


Creation of ACTE International in Morocco

Development of consulting and training services for supply chain management for companies in North Africa: for more information about our Moroccan subsidiary : know more about our Moroccan subsidiary