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Consulting firm

ATOUT REACHATOUT REACH (part of GICPER) is an associative consulting firm supported by the Union des Industriels de la Chimie (Chemical Industry Union).

A partnership has been signed between ACTE International and Atout REACH to strengthen our team of experts on our missions in relation to the REACH regulation.

"Proud to participate in the development of sustainable chemistry through the implementation of European product regulations (REACH, CLP,...), we use our expertise to provide a personalized service based on listening, analyzing the context and putting issues into perspective. We offer training and support to ensure that your regulatory obligations are met in the long term and that your compliance is an asset."

Jérémy DELVIGNE, REACH Asset Consultant

ASMEX (Morocco)
Moroccan Association of Exporters

ASMEXA partnership contract has been signed between ACTE International in Morocco and ASMEX to strengthen the international capacities of Moroccan companies of all sectors and sizes: synergies around training, technical assistance or regulatory monitoring, and a shared ambition to promote ethics and business integrity. |

CTC Group (France)
Technical Leather Centre

logo-CTCThe technicality, level of analysis and regulatory monitoring of the CTC team are in perfect adequacy with ACTE's level of quality requirements. Our partnership is based on the sharing of knowledge, the development of joint projects and the common provision of services by our teams. We jointly enrich our vision of the world and its evolutions.